Rock Climbing Pulley Fixed Sideplate Single Sheave Pulley Outdoor Survival Tool High Altitud


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XINDA Professional Fixed Pulley Gear Mountaineering Rock Climbing Traverse-solving Carriage pulley

Code ?XD-8610
Name:  Small pulley
Material:  7075 aircraft grade aluminium   black(7075 aircraft grade aluminium     Wheel(316 stainless                                 steel/built-in ball bearing ) )
Size: width4.4cm    height8.2cm    ring diameter1.6cm
Color:  red   green   purple   blue   black   orange
Net weight:  87g     black(140g)
Pull: Static pull 20KN(2000KG)    Dynamic pull 10KN(1000KG)
Certification: CE1019  EN12278
Multipurpose: water crossing      slack line  transportation    descending  expanding  pulley system etc 
Friendly reminder? please check and maintain your gear in order to avoid  danger caused by misuse while                                      working or playing  at height